Marketing campaigns are necessary investments if growing your business is your goal. But nothing beats human connection and interaction, so appointing the right people to take your campaigns to the next level is crucial.

Trade shows and Exhibitions are an important part of a business’ marketing activities. It is an opportunity to reach new clients or customers that are already interested in your product or service, and who fall within your niche target audience.

Do you need cheerleaders, ring girls or promotional staff for your next big event? Whether it is a boxing match, or a rugby, soccer or cricket game; we can assist you in getting hand picked promotional staff suited to your event needs.

We plan our corporate event teams around your brief, hand-selecting individuals which we think would work well with your organisation. We can style our corporate event staff to your event’s exacting requirements

Golf days offer your business the opportunity to connect and build important relationships with your clients, customers, suppliers and service providers. Not only this, but it is also a chance to reward your staff for a job well done!


We Offer South Africa’s HOTTEST Cheerleaders, Extremely well trained hand picked Cheerleaders for your next sporting event is only a phone call away!

Who doesn’t love a free taster! Giving potential customers the opportunity to taste or try your product before they commit to a purchase is a great way to introduce new customers and buyers to your product. Sampling your products in store can easily sway buying customers and so increase your sales.


Our Pamphlet distribution teams engage directly with your target market, we strategise on the ideal target market and engage with them directly, we do not use a “Spray and pray” approach. Let our Street teams engage with your clients TODAY!

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